Zeus by Teupen – German engineering at its finest

When you walk into your local Mercedes or BMW dealer and take one of their German manufactured autos for a ride you expect that that comfort, quality, reliability and after sales support exceeds other manufacturers.

And as you get familiar with your ride you notice all the features that are typically German and your smile broadens as you push harder on the accelerator.

Zeus by Teupen brings this high end experience to the spider lift market and with over 40 years creating, designing and manufacturing it is no surprise that Teupen are world leaders and their product the most desired brand.

In a market of over-complication Zeus by Teupen brings simplicity back, easy and instinctual to use and when combined with product familiarisation and QR codes on the machine that operators can download at any time, operator downtime is virtually non existant.

Fast, smooth, instinctual, stable, quiet, reliable and with plenty of capacity and outreach is what clients seek in a spider lift, and across all models and all classes Teupen leads the way.

Once you start operating Zeus by Teupen, just like when you are test driving your dream car, that is when the smile starts and the functionality and German ingenuity come to the fore.

Zeus Assist which is available on all models 21 mtrs and up will actually come up with a question mark if something goes wrong, which if pressed will tell the operator what he has done wrong and gives him solutions to get back on track.

Zeus Recall is an automatic memory function that enables you to not only lower and pack the unit with a single button, it will also take you back up in the same movements that you have used, what a time saver.

The unique basket rotation gives clients double the working front than other machines and the super large slew ring adds stability and smoothness to its operation.

3 year standard warranty (world leading) is what you would expect from the Germans who certainly back their product which is supplemented in Australia with one of the best after sale support programmes available, backed by our team of talented technicians.

Zeus by Teupen is a complete ownership experience and provides you peace of mind that we are with you every step of the way.

Give us a call, your experience could start today.



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