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Choosing the right equipment and following safety guidelines

What Is A Boom Lift?

The boom lift is an essential piece of equipment for various types of construction and other uses. There are boom lift brands that can be found on the market today. All boom lift brands are the same names for boom lift lifts, but not all boom lift brands are created equal. So, when it comes to boom lift brands there are some things that you should consider before buying a specific boom lift.

Articulating Boom Lift

The best boom lift brands are called articulating boom lift. An articulating boom lift is a boom lift that features a telescoping boom that is controlled by remote control. The boom lift can extend and retract as needed. Some boom lift models allow the boom lift to rotate around its axis as well. Whether boom lift is used for small, medium or large construction projects, there are specific factors that should be considered to determine which the best-used boom lift is.


Safety features are very important when operating boom lifts, whether it is for residential or commercial applications. Safety features are divided into two categories: safety operating system and protective equipment. Both the boom lift and the protective equipment may be required by law while operating them on public or private property requires a special license. The safety operating system is installed in boom lifts to protect people from falling objects. These safety operating systems can either be corded, wire rope, or cable.

Types of Boom Lifts

There are various types of boom lifts including; straight boom, V-back boom, tandem boom, telescopic boom, articulating boom lift and multistage boom. The most common boom used in construction is the straight boom, which is one of the cheapest and safest booms available. There are also multistage boom lifts that allow more than one person to be working at one time. The boom lifts come in different heights with variable levels of support. The best-used boom lift height is ten feet.

boom lift

Tandem boom lifts are operated by two operators and are one of the cost-effective options. In this design, there is a single pivot point, whereas the other designs use two booms lifts to allow more than one person to work. The best-used design for this application is the articulating boom lift. It has a boom lift section attached to the front end and the second boom lift is fitted to the rear end. The rear boom lift allows more support than the front and also provides access to different areas.

There are three common types of aerial lifts; boom lift, tilt truck boom lift and the jack-type aerial lifts. The boom lift and tilt truck boom lift are used when weight capacity is less important. The tilt truck boom lift is larger and is suitable to handle larger vehicles. The jack-type aerial lift is designed for lifting only heavy objects.

Common Problems

The most common problem associated with boom lift is the height. Since the boom moves with the vehicle it can never operate at low heights. Therefore it cannot be used to go up fences or short retaining walls. It can not be used to access restricted areas. The range of applications for the aerial lifts are limitless; however, the maximum heights they can lift is ten feet.

When purchasing boom lift there are many factors to consider. The boom lift should be able to lift the required weight to carry out the task; it must be robust and durable and the installation procedure and equipment should be easy. The boom lifts should have good safety features. For instance, they should have a system that protects the vehicle from the boom reaching it. The boom lift and other equipment should be portable and easy to install. The boom lifts have many design templates like stairs and ladders available, therefore, the operators just need to choose which design best suits their needs.


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