ATHENA 1090 EVO – the next evolution

ATHENA 1090 EVO – The next evolution in Bi Leveling technology

At first glance the 1090EVO looks like the larger brother of the tremendously popular Athena 850 and for the most part it is, that is until press the toggle and the 1090 comes to life.

The first think that greats you is the whisper quiet purr of the 2 cylinder Kubota diesel engine and once you climb effortlessly into the platform courtesy of the “Athena entry function” a toggle that automatically lowers the unit and tilts it back you are greeted with a larger working platform with slide out deck and 300kg load capacity.

It is when you start using Athena for what it has become famous for, operating on slopes that you really see the technological and performance advantages of the 1090EVO.

When driving while lowered up slopes and around the worksite on angles up to 20 degrees, the 1090EVO automatically levels itself as you drive keeping the operator always in a level, stable and safe operating position.

This industry leading technology we call Proactive and Dynamic Levelling but the advantages don’t stop there.

When used on carpark ramps, tunnels, shed building and a multitude of tasks where it is working on angles the 1090EVO can also be driven while raised, and while driving at height will auto level itself so the operator does not have to come down to drive forward.

Like all Athena models the 1090EVO is standard with grey non marking tracks, 240V connectivity and is optional with a Lithium Ion Battery pack.

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