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Hades 1500 Tracked Forklift


The Hades 1500 tracked forklift allows you to safely lift and deliver 1500 kg even where terrain is soft, wet or steep. Hydraulic widening allows you to negotiate spaces no wider than a traditional pallet.

Available for purchase or hire

Hades 1500 Tracked Forklift


  • GX390 Honda Engine
  • 1775 mm Max. Lift Height
  • 1500 kg Max. Lift Capacity
  • 1.4 - 3.8 km/h Speed
  • 1450 kg Operating Weight (without operator)


When you need to lift and shift on a worksite that looks like hell, the Hades 1500 tracked forklift has the power to get the job done. The HADES 1500 tracked forklift is ideal for most applications as it combines the conventional features of a forklift with the sometimes unconventional requirements of the tradesperson.

Able to lift and shift up to 1500 kg the Hades 1500 excels no matter what the load,
from bricks, blocks and pavers to scaffolding, portable toilets and instant lawn.

The Hades 1500 features hydraulic widening, which allows you to raise your load
and—with a single lever—narrow your tracks so the machine width is no wider than a conventional pallet. This functionality is ideal when transporting materials down the side of a house where access can prove difficult in most situations.

Naturally, the Hades 1500 comes into its own when the terrain is steep, soft or wet and conventional forklifts cannot be used, or where extra manoeuvrability is required.

Ideal Usage

  • Building and Construction
  • Tradespeople
  • Hire Companies


Hades 1500 Flyer

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